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Jenny Lam is a talented artist based in Hong Kong originally from Belgium who provides beauty through art for her patrons. Growing up and moving around a lot meant a constant change of environment, she struggled with verbal communication which gave her a unique view on how to express herself artistically, and her artworks are a beautiful consequence.


It forced her to develop a keen eye in observing people and her surroundings and in particular how people express themselves without words their feelings of joy, pain, love, sadness, anticipation, loss and passion. She also comes from a sports background.  Her inspiration comes from her ability to interpret her own and other people’s feelings and express them in her paintings


“When people look at my art I want them to see the beauty and the forbidden in an intimate moment, and appreciate that they are both an inherent part of us, not something to be exploited for the brief satisfaction of the viewer but a gift where the viewer is shown a private moment of reflection.“


She is inspired by the natural beauty of nature as well as the political nature of society. For example, Feminism, something that is important as a major contributor to the natural world and currently front and centre in the global political landscape. It is not about equality it’s about not being suppressed; it’s about being grateful to those women before us who laid the groundwork without which we would still be linked to marital status. It seems as if there  are more divorces because we are breaking out of traditional values - that doesn’t mean that not respecting tradition or marriage, rather it means that in some societies where great emphasis has been placed on marital status of women, women are now realising they can celebrate the fact they can live an independent life if they choose to and that marriage is a union between two people that does not need to be defined by the financial or ‘security’ trade-off as it may have been in the past. It’s not about criticising men at all.  It’s about celebrating the choice that we have been given. Aren’t we lucky now as women, that society has evolved to the point where it no longer judges a woman as ‘damaged’ if she is not married or in a steady long-term relationship by a certain point?


Nudity is provocative because it is stigmatised and when you see someone in the nude it’s usually a private intimate moment, but it doesn't need to elicit a physical reaction. That’s why I would rather paint women because they have more curves and creative energy.

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